ThePetNest X BarkButler™ : Pookie-The-Dragon Plush Dog toy

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Let Pookie help your puppy get ready to deal in case of a dragon invasion, unfortunately, he doesn’t respond to the command ‘Dracarys’ but he will command your dog’s attention! Just like all our plushes, this super-soft bumpy plush comes with crinkle paper, two squeakers, and also two sizes.

 Pookie-Mother of all squeaker

This bright and colorful plush demands your dog's attention, your dog will love to play and hold around.  Pookie is perfectly light and will be the right companion of your doggie.  Chew able toy increase your dog's dental exercise and still being soft on their gum.  Play indoor fetch, hide, and find with this vivid soft toy. Durable toy with double liner on its end for your active and playful dog. 


  • Soft plush: If your dog is a fan of soft toy and hold them in their mouth for all day long then  Pookie is the perfect go-to-buy for your loved one. It is made up of fine, rich, and premium quality organic cloth and organic colors.
  • Super-soft bumpy plushes: For fun and playful dog, this bumpy plush keeps your dog busy and active all day.
  • Squeaker: Pookie is a mother of all squeakers, it has two squeakers which involve in interactive games for your dog and increases mental stimulation.
  • Attracts dog attention and great for cuddling: Vivid green and blue color with dragon shape toy demands  your dogs attention and its soft body is great cuddlier 
  • Durable & Machine Washable: This toy is ready for a tough game with your dog strong and double liner across its ends makes it wear and tear resistance.


  • Item Brand: Bark butller
  • Item Name: Pookie-The-Dragon
  • Material: Organic cloth
  • Playing games: Cuddle, Indoor fetch, Moderate chewing
  • Large Size Pookie works best with Medium (10-20 kgs) & Large (20-30 kgs) sized dogs.

Customer Reviews

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Geeta bihari

Absolutely great product

Deepak Singh

my beagle girl loves it. very durable. have had 2 toys from this brand for months now... played with thoroughly, washed a couple of times... still is in good shape.

Tanya Bassi

Superrrr as my dog loved it. The material is safe fr dogs to chew n no choking possibility.