Fofos™: Interactive Treats disp Toy Apple (Fruity-Bites)

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An apple a day keeps destructive behavior at bay!

Give your anxious/naughty dogs this toy while leaving them alone at home. Thank us later!
Dogs can lick this toy and figure out a way to get the trapped treats out of the toy. Treats such as biscuits and jerkies are recommended. To increase difficulty & playtime simply use larger treats & if your dog bores easy, use smaller treats

There is two very interesting part of this toy which can be taken apart & used as two separate chew toys. This toy keeps your dog busy while you are away. As such, it could help with separation-anxiety and the correction of destructive behavior. A lot of thinking (and time) goes into this which helps stimulate your doggos mind.


  • Chew toy: This toy can be used as two different chew toy, if your dog is hyperactive and love chewing this soft natural rubber toy is going to be your dog's favorite and your dog will love to hold them in their mouth all day long. This toy dog is the perfect go-to-buy for your loved one. It is made up of fine, rich, and premium quality natural rubber and organic colors.
  • 100 % Natural Rubber bumpy plushes: For fun and playful dog, this bumpy plush keeps your dog busy and active all day.
  • Loud Squeaker in your dog's strawberry stimulates interaction and mental stimulation to keep your dog's mental health fit.
  • Treat Dispenser: The two different parts of the toy can be filled with your dog's favorite cookies. Your dog will love this Treasure hunt for his/her treat. Add extra fun in playtime by filling small cookies as it will be difficult for your do to dig out and involve them in longer playtime. 
  • Attracts dog attention and great for chewing and even fetching: Bright Red color with apple shape toy demands your dog's attention and its soft body is great cuddlier.
  • Its ideal sizes are best to be held in your dog's mouth and roam around

This toy can be enjoyed by all dogs between 5-30 kgs & is recommended for strong chewers (These are dogs that like to chew & destroy most things). This toy is made from 100% natural rubber.


  • Item Brand: Fofos
  • Item Name:  Fruity-Bites  Treats disp Apple
  • Colour: Green
  • Material: 100% Natural Rubber
  • Size: 5.19" or13.1cm
  • Playing games: Treat Dispenser, Chewing and fetching.

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Sanju Yadav

my dog love this

Gurmeet Bajwa

perfect toy for dogs

Sumaiya Jannat

quality is good