Fofos™: Cat Toy-Dreamland Coffee Toy Pack

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Coffee and a puzzle… when you get this toy home for your catto, you in fact get home a professor of pensive thinking, buried deep in work!
The puzzle is a great stimulant for your cat’s mind and the bell inside adds a level of excitement. This toy features premium, 100% organic catnip which is quality-tested. The texture and taste of this toy are extremely feline-friendly. The herb-scented fragrance provides calming benefits.
This is a 2-for-the-price-of-1 toy. One coffee shaped has a catnip made from 100% organic catnip which rattles & the other sachets have a bell inside. It’s a great toy to chase and puzzle game for your fur baby and it doesn’t break easily. Think about it!
This toy is appropriate for small kittens as well as older cats that react to catnip.


  • Bell Toy: This toy has a bell in each sugar sachet to provide interactive and sound play with your cat and your cat will love to scratch them and play with them all day long. Puzzle your cat by danging all five sachets at once
  • Non-Toxic: This toy is made with 100% organic catnip, that brings alertness and activeness and  is safe for your cat to nibble  all-day 

  • Catnip Toy:  Catnip in general is associated to create happiness in cats. Cats can search for catnip and involve them in a longer duration of playtime, it stimulates interaction, happiness, and mental stimulation to keep your cat's mental health fit. 
  • Durable: Be ready for a rough and tough game of chase with this super strong and non-breakable toy.
  • Bright and colorful with a coffee-shaped toy is made to demand your cat's attention 
  • Its ideal sizes are best to be held in your cat's and roam around
What’s more – it comes in a set of 5! This pack has two toys with one having a bell inside while others having catnip inside it

There’s a bell inside each sugar sachet. You can use them as separate toys or put all or a few of them inside the coffee pouch, shake & let your catto find the bells. Puzzle toys filled with catnip are great to stimulate your cat’s natural curiosity. Also, cats can bite, lick, scratch, cuddle with and pounce on this toy

Fun fact: 66% of all cats carry the “Catnip Gene” that makes them react favorably to the calming and stress-reducing catnip. Not sure if your cat carries this gene? Try this toy to find out.


  • Item Brand: Fofos
  • Item Name: Dreamland Coffee Toy Pack
  • Material: 100% original catnip
  • Playing games: Puzzle, Cuddle, Chase

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my cat loveed these toys

Pankaj Das

this toy is perfect for my cat