Fofos™: Forest Eye Mouse Rope

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This mouse in the house! This toy is excellent for tug between either a human and a dog or between two dogs. The soft fabric is easy on the hands & the dog's teeth/gums while playing tug. The ease in washing maintains the toy’s original state.
This toy is long enough for an excellent game of tug between a human and a dog or between two dogs. If your dog starts to lose interest, squeak the head to spark their interest. It also makes a great toy to cuddle with. This toy is made from ultra-soft polyester fabric.


  • Tug toy: This toy with its attractive grey color mouse-shaped face at the end has a perfect length to play tug between dogs or dogs and humans and your dog will love holding them in their mouth all day long. This toy is made up of safe super soft polyester is an excellent toy at affordable prices, non-toxic plastic.

  • Loud Squeaker: loud squeaker at the end on its face create interaction with dogs and stimulate mental health.
  • Play Fetch and Pounce Upon it: For fun and playful dog, this bumpy rope comes with its playing buddy rope, keeps your dog busy and active all day. Dogs can pounce on it and play fetch as well.
  • Durable and Sturdy: Along its end to provide tough tugging with your dog, it is made with rough with strong material and stitching
  • Its ideal length and lightweight are best to be held in your dog's mouth and roam around.  It soothes and provides comfort during the teething phase. Rescue your fingers by giving puppies this toy!

A great toy for quality playtime between humans and dogs or between two dogs. 
This toy is suitable for adult dogs between the weights of 5-20 kgs only. Teething puppies (1-year-old or less) have needle-like teeth that can easily pierce into the toy and so they should not be given this. Recommended for Light chewers (These are dogs that like to fetch, tug, cuddle, nibble more than chew).


  • Item Brand: Fofos
  • Item Name: Fofos™: Forest Eye Mouse Rope
  • Material: Soft Polyester 
  • Playing styles: Indoor Fetching, Tugging, Light chewing.

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Mahima Singh

nice toy for dogs

Divya Nainwal

This toy is really good. My dog sam love it

Nazir mansuri