Fofos™: Rock & Roll Play Box

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So much fun, not enough paws! Watch as your cats tires themselves out while playing with this toy that has so much to offer. There’re multiple mental stimulants that this toy offers. 


  • A Puzzle to sharpen their mind 
  • A Scratchier to sharpen their claws
  • A Spring toy to sharpen their Pawxing skills.

    Cats can use this toy to satisfy their urge to scratch, thus saving your furniture. The bell ball can be used in a game of chase or fetch. It also can be inserted in the puzzle box for them to paw around. Apart from the bell ball, you can insert other toys in the puzzle box. 
    Pro tip: Sprinkle catnip powder on the cardboard.


    • Bell Ball Toy: This toy has a bell inside cardbord and a bell ball  to provide interactive and sound play with your cat and your cat will love to pounce upon them and play with them all day long. 
    • Non-Toxic: This toy is made with 100% durable corrugated paper, that is covered with tough and sturdy cardboard. 

    • Puzzle toy: Cats can play this puzzle toy by pouncing upon to find another string raised , puzzle your cat to stimulate mental involvement.

    • Scratch Toy: Give your cat their favorite scratch toy aligned with bell and springs as cats love to scratch and have calming effects . Surface of cardboard has small ridges and furrows to provide perfect area for scratching 

    • String Toy: This toy has a two string which can be raised up and down by your fur baby.
    • Durable: Be ready for a rough and tough game of chase with this super strong and non-breakable puzzle toy.

    Durable corrugated paper. The puzzle is a great stimulant for your cat’s mind and the bell inside adds a level of excitement.This toy is appropriate for small kittens as well as older cats. The size of the toy is 45 X 26 X 5 cm. 


    • Item Brand: Fofos
    • Item Name: Dreamland Coffee Toy Pack
    • Material: 100% original catnip
    • Playing games: Puzzle, Cuddle, Chase