Fofos™: Vegi Bites Eggplant Toy (Floating Buddy)

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Make sure your dog eats their veggies, if not eat at least play with them.

While the floating feature is of great interest to dogs, the frequency of the squeaker produced by this toy is loud, unique & also enjoyed by them. Added to that, the dual-texture contributes to holding the dog’s attention for a long time. Bumps and ridges on the toy make it easier for dogs to hold this toy and aid in massaging their gums.

Dogs can chew, pounce on, and play fetch with this toy. This toy floats and can be used for water play. The green top is made from foam rubber and the bottom from high-quality TPR. All materials are non-toxic.

  • Non-Toxic, Tested:  Top is made using light foam rubber and the lower bottom is made up of rich thermoplastic rubber with safe organic colors molded into attractive brinjal shape and perfectly small sizes with ridges and bumps to be held in the dog's mouth and aid in gum exercise.
  • Floating Toy: Made using light thermoplastic and foam rubber, this toy floats free in the water and helps in training swimming to your dog, is an excellent swimming partner.
  • Strong and Sturdy: Well built and light material for strong chewing, tugging, and floating.
  • Squeaker: Loud Squeaker stimulate interaction and create mental stimulation to keep your dog's mental health fit.
  • Tough chewing help in reducing your dog's anxiety and keep them calm.
  • This float-able toy, demands your dog's attention and makes your dog swimming training session enjoyable and involves them in a healthy physically active game. 
  • This toy can be enjoyed by all dogs above 12 months of age between 0-10 kgs and it is recommended for moderate chewers (These are dogs that like to chew & destroy a few things).


  • Item Brand: Fofos 
  • Item Name: Vegi bites Eggplant
  • Material: Thermoplastic Rubber and Foam Rubber
  • Colour: Purple and green
  • Product size: 5.51" or 14cm
  • Playing games:  Water Play, Cuddle, Tough tug, Indoor fetch, Tough chewing


    Customer Reviews

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    Ramprakash Yadav

    Very good quality product ! My dog loved it

    Mahinder Singh

    My dog loves to play with this toy. Good quality and value for money.