Fofos™: Yarn Ball

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This toy is appropriate for small kittens as well as older cats. The diameter of this toy is 4.5 cm. They are perfect for a game of chase, interactive or independent play. You can even use the string as a teaser as well. The inside of this toy is made of non-toxic plastic, covered with an ultra-soft fabric. Along with the ultra-soft yarn fabric, the toy comes with a bell & 100% organic catnip. Putting all this together, you get a ball of joy for your Catto. Box contains 24 pieces of ball available in 4 colors at a price of 125Rs/piece.

  • Ball Toy: This toy has a bell to provide interactive and sound play with your cat and your cat will love to scratch them and play with them all day long.

  • Non-Toxic: This toy is made with non-toxic plastic and covered with an ultra-soft fabric, which is safe for your cat to nibble all day without being worried about plastic accumulation.

  • Catnip Toy: Catnip in general is associated to create happiness in cats. Cats can search for catnip and involve them in a longer duration of playtime, it stimulates interaction, happiness, and mental stimulation to keep your cat's mental health fit.

  • Durable: Be ready for a rough and tough game of chase with this super strong and non-breakable toy.

  • Bright and colorful with a ball-shaped toy is made to demand your cat's attention.

  • Its ideal sizes are best to be held in your cat's and roam around
Fun fact: 66% of all cats carry the “Catnip Gene” that makes them react favorably to the calming and stress-reducing catnip. Not sure if your cat carries this gene? Try this toy to find out!

  • Item Brand: Fofos
  • Item Name: Yarn ball
  • Material: organic catnip.
  • Size: 4.5 cm.
  • Playing games: Cuddle, Chasing, Puzzle, and Dangle

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Isha Singh

Good product


A nice toy for cats

Sangeeta Joshi

Amazing value for money... my cat loveed these toys